What drives us?

As Nazarenes, we are driven by a collective aspiration
to make Christ-like disciples in our neighborhoods.

Christ is the center of who we are and what we do.

Scripture is our foundation as it reveals Christ and shapes our participation in God's redemptive narrative.

Prayer is our language as we seek the Holy Spirit at work within us.

What gives us traction?

Our shared actions move us forward and give us traction. 

We prioritize time to come together and give ourselves to God in worship.  By intentionally participating in the work God is already doing in the world, all that we do becomes an act of worship.

We give ourselves to one another and openly accept others.  Making connections, encouraging one another, and meeting needs are just a few of the ways we welcome and embrace everyone as family.

We have decided to follow Jesus.  We are being formed and shaped into Christ-like disciples.  We follow him with our whole lives, going the places where Jesus did, and doing the things that Jesus did

We reach out to others to bring them into the place of worship.  We proactively bear witness to the story that changed us and extend the hospitality of the church to our neighbors.